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living room in a modern style

apartment interior design 131 ², light colours.

Restrained Eclecticism on the basis of Art Deco. The light tone of the interior. Monumentality and integrity. Furniture is secondary, space is primary - Minimalistic interior.
living room with the lamps
living room, dining area
living room, sitting area
lounge, classic carpet
bedroom, sliding door
bedroom ceiling
bedroom, eclectic
kitchen, dining table
kitchen wall
kitchen, dining area
bathroom mirror
bathroom, shower
bathroom ceiling

Interior Design of apartment 131 2 finished in light colours. The wooden panels of various sections hide shelves and cabinets. Suspended ceiling construction with recessed light fixtures and chandeliers continues the geometry of walls.
Light color wood and milk-white glossy elements set the rhythm and the mood, and, in many ways define the rest of the interior. Black leather chairs, along with the lamps placed emphasis. Sliding partitions transform the architectural space in a single space in the Art Deco style with strong Japanese roots.
The room is modern, but materials are classic : wood, leather, glass, metal. Lots of wood.
The kitchen is in the same style as the whole apartment. Walls, provided in black and white drawing which, due to its scale ceases to be background. The kitchen is functional and cozy. Bathroom has a more complex style - baguettes with the contour of another age and style, modern plumbing.|Bedroom is simple in its own, but nonstandard, and stands out of flat.