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residential interiors: interior design and decorating

apatrment 131 ², light colours, wood
Restrained Eclecticism on the basis of Art Deco. The light tone of the interior. Monumentality and integrity. Furniture is secondary, space is primary - Minimalistic interior.
i home interior
White polished surfaces, combined with wenge veneer, rounded corners and smooth lines, minimalism. Kartell Lamps add color, and some technology to interior appearence.
modern apartment
Modern style. Cool tones with bright accents. Light wood with dark elements - the basis of the image of the interior. The entire apartment is created in one style, with the elements and proportions of Art Deco.
110m2 apartment interior
Soviet chic. All the hard, all the cabinet, even the kitchen. The basis of the image - veneered wall panels, high doors with black glass, monumental - sculptural furniture, heavy curtains.
apartment in art deco style 92 m2
Art Deco inspired by F.L.Wright. Natural colors and materials, a continuous single space, architectural forms and integrity. Japanese spirit of Art Deco. The specified geometric rhythm in interweaving of shapes and textures. Dining table - bar "grow" from the column.
interior of the house in a chalet style
The interior of the house with the spirit of Chalet. Fireplace in the rustic style is the center of the composition. The walls and ceiling are covered with clapboard, which is due to the presence of dark and light board looks quite lively and modern. The massive kitchen, a heavy dining table, comfortable sofa and chairs with vintage fabric. The interior is warm and cozy.
classics interior of the house 224 m ²
The interior of the house continues kitchen area, a kitchen inspired by French classics. But this is not Provence with patina, the aged finishings, the smell of homemade wine and bread from the oven, but contemporary reserved classics. Paneled facades with chrome handles, creamy-white ceramic tiles on the walls, the classic image of floor tiles.
flat, classic, 98 m2.
A modern classics, high ceilings, moldings, parquet. Bright, natural colors, free-standing furniture, lamps, mirrors. In bathrooms volume glazed tiles, classic sanitary ware, faceted mirrors, gilded surfaces.
interior of the apartment in a mixed style
Minimalism, art deco, fusion - all in one. The modern interior apartment. Comfort, style, nothing more, at a time the interior is filled with color. Author's furniture creates the focus and sets the idea.
interior of the apartment 118 m2
Partly the Japaneseand partly the European way. Wall panels, furniture, doors are simple in Japanese way, a sofa, chair, light, color and structure of space - are European. Interior design of an apartment in art deco style.

Residential interior, Everything we used to call home. It may be a flat, and a country house, loft and penthouse. House, that consists of one room and plenty of them.
Design,The interior, ambiance of space , where you live, relax, spend time: living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, offices, children's rooms, hallways, patios, gazebos.
All facilities require their functional and stylistic decisions. They depend on the design features of the building, family composition, personal desires and habits, color preferences.