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public places interior design: cafes, clubs, pubs, restaurants, shops, boutiques, offices

cafe design
Rhythmic interior space based on three colors: ocher, turquoise and natural color of the beech. Three thickness of elements. Natural colors, natural materials. Stained glass authors lamps on ceilings, stained-glass windows. Important nuances: the texture of wood, the texture of the glass in stained glasses
The interior of the working cabinet. Table for long constructive negotiations. The restraint of colors. Working mood.
Conference Hall Zepter. Brushed aluminum, black glass, geometric shapes, hi-tech. All conforms to the concept of Zepter.
lobby design
The interior of an office building lobby. Corporate style with ecological decoration. Natural colors and lights. Plywood panel backlight makes it easy and visually expands the space.
reception, the interior
Office Furniture, rigor, processability. The deliberate simplicity of design. Furniture made of veneer plywood 40mm. The panels on the walls. Natural colors and shades.
Public Interiors, Places architecturally, functionally, ergonomically and artistically intended for different people. Places of communication, recreation, job, places for various activities, cafes, bars, restaurants, conference halls, exhibition halls, offices, shops, and complexes, hotels, entertainment venues, casinos, cinemas, fitness centers.
Public spaces require more general, universal approach, because are designed for people of different , habits, cultures. Is often required to comply with the designated corporate identity, ie binding to the accepted or desired color, drafting of the furniture and equipment.
We offer interior design projects for public spaces of any purpose.