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furniture designs, and art objects

chest of drawers
1200/1800/680 Materials: solid oak, oak weneer, solid wenge, wenge veneer, 3 coats of varnish. 2 columns, chiseled from solid oak and sawn as a decorative element.
cabinet in art deco style
Cabinet in the Art Deco style, fashion furniture. size 2300/2000/500.
dinner table
900/2100/750, 900/1800/750 Materials: plywood, tempered toned glass.
coffee table
900/900/400 Materials: plywood, tempered glass tinted.
desk in apple style
cupboardin the style neoclassicism
2200/2000/550, 2200/1200/550 Materials: solid oak, MDF. Painting, three layers of varnish, polishing.
retractable bed
coffee table
800/800/400 Materials: oak veneer, solid oak. (Option: wenge veneer, solid wenge). Legs turned parts from solid oak, cut into four pieces, three coats of varnish.
Interior items and furniture, directly for hand-made production, with the whole breadth of creativity.Design of any non-standard constructions of wood, metal, glass, plastic, where the main things are functionality and artistic value.