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residential interiors
Everything we used to call home. It may be a flat, and a country house, loft and penthouse. House, that consists of one room and plenty of them. The interior, ambiance of space , where you live, relax, spend time: living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, offices, children's rooms, hallways, patios, gazebos.
public interiors
Places architecturally, functionally, ergonomically and artistically intended for different people. Places of communication, recreation, job, places for various activities, cafes, bars, restaurants, conference halls, exhibition halls, offices, shops,† and complexes, hotels, entertainment venues, casinos, cinemas, fitness centers.
furniture design
Interior items and furniture, directly for hand-made production, with the whole breadth of creativity.Design of any non-standard constructions of wood, metal, glass, plastic, where the main things are functionality and artistic value.
industrial design
Industrial design - design of products of industrial production: furniture, lighting, interior items of social and individual use. Main features are the the mass production and use, simplicity, technology, accounting process technology, which will affect the appearance of objects.

Interior Design for residential and public spaces, Furniture Design, Industrial Design.

Designing residential and public interiors, Furniture design, Industrial design.