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Interior & Furniture Design. Product Design. Decorative Elements.

residential and public interiors

residential and public interior design projects, architecture and decorating

The interior design of apartments, houses, offices, cafes, clubs, bars, restaurants - projects of residential and public interiors. Development and support of corporate identity in the interior. Design of private interiors in different styles. Classic and modern interiors: Italian, French classics, art deco, modern, Japanese style, English style, colonial style, country style, neoclassicism, minimalism, hi-tech, fusion, retro, eclectic.
furniture design

furniture design, hand-made production

Author's furniture and furnishings. Design, development and realization. Manufacturing, decoration. Custom parts and designs for interior design. Art objects.

industrial design

industrial design, product design

Industrial Design. Objects, designed for industrial production. Interior stuff, furniture, fixtures, packaging, taking into account the technological process. Product design.

modern interior

interior design, apple style

kitchen interior design

interior design billiard hall

interior design of a bathroom


Interior Design - development, design and realization.


The unique architectural design of the interior of the ideas and planning decisions, to develop an original, custom furniture and decoration. Will change your ideas on our own. We organize the space, create an image, we define the idea, to help implement the ideas.


apartment interior

Art Deco design of the apartment. Apartment interior - a classic style.

interior in the style of Art Deco

living room


We do not provide services in interior design and architecture as the conventional design studios.


We are engaged in creativity.


Every interior design project - a work of art, that meets all functional, ergonomic and aesthetic requirements. However, we have sufficient experience with custom interior design objects and their accompaniment in Belarus, Russia and Europe.


Residential interior design - an example.

Public interior design - an example. Residential interior design - an example of the cottage. The interior design of the house. The interior design in a minimalism style.